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Our Supporters
Shan Mylvaganam
Sandrasegara Sadachchara
Kanagasingam Thavaraj
Rasalingam Ahileswaran
Haran Thiru
Dr.Thiru Thirukkumaran
Villavarajah Sasitharan
Dr. K.Ramaesh

Lotus Caring Hands, established in April 2009, is a UK-based charity which helps British and largely British Tamils who want to make positive difference to social and economic development in Sri Lanka. Using our network and research expertise, we try to provide avenues for donating and volunteering towards grassroots causes. And create a platform for many of you to get involved and make positive and definite change and support your brothers, sisters, children and elders. 
Clear and definitive vision and mission, purpose and being transparent are the driving forces of the LCH and our volunteers. The effort from our volunteers is highly admirable and we do not pay for their work no employees’ expense therefore we keep our administrative cost to lowest possible and use every bit of your contribution to good causes. It is only good to share with you our progress and plans and allow you to participate and bring new ideas and ultimately make positive and last long contribution to our society and our people. 
With above in mind, LCH is committed to ensuring that every penny given by a donor is used to empower disadvantaged people in Sri Lanka. We are passionate about working to address root causes of poverty in Sri Lanka. We help channel resources to organisations which strive to expand people’s long-term social and economic prospects. 

Transparency Admin cost Morality Integrity Loyalty to both our donors and recipients 

LCH can challenge and match any similar organisation in above and we are as good as anyone and moreover committed to our course.
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