"We will maintain 100% Transparency, deliver our projects at a cost of 0% Administration, make "




T ransparency - 100%

Every donation will receive a receipt number. This receipt number can be tracked on the LCH website and will go directly to the LCH bank account. Also online, will be a LCH wish list identifying the most needy resources. As funds are collected, you can see which of these resources have been donated and see exactly where your money has gone.

A dministration cost: 0%

You might wonder how an organisation can run with no administration cost. The volunteers of LCH use their own resources without any salary being drawn from the LCH account. ‘Administration cost’ such as printing, website hosting and hiring of venues, for example, will be done through commercial sponsorship, making every penny you donate available for the cause.

M orality - Basis of our work

This basically means that we will endeavour to do the right thing and involve as many people as possible in the decision making process. New proposals will be put on the LCH website, and we hope you can also get involved and contribute your views

I ntegrity - Guaranteed
An independent auditor will be appointed to check the organisation’s activities and financial accounts.

L oyalty towards those we - AID

All monies raised, whether it be fund raising, individual donations or lobbying other organisations, will be dedicated purely to help the people we AID