The Forgotten Gems of Sri Lanka- The Upcountry Tamils


The Forgotten Gems of Sri Lanka- The Upcountry Tamils

The upcountry/plantation Tamils have always been a deprived community besides contributing to the economy of Sri Lanka.
*This is a community that has failed to attract the attention of the Govt or NGO's unlike the North or East. There needs were never sincerely looked into historically*.
LCH strives to look at vulnerable areas where true hardship prevails.

Currently, whilst the lock down and curfew continues in several parts of Sri Lanka there are several areas in upcountry where hunger prevails amongst these Tamils who live from hand to mouth as they rely on daily wages.

Matale, a popular town is also a major district in Upcountry. It encompasses several estates where the workers are predominantly Tamils.

Matale, is popularly known by the Tamils for the well-known Amman Temple. Its a shame that not many try to look into the hardship of the Tamils in the surrounding areas.

The geographical location makes logistics difficult for food distribution during this period.

LCH is proud to address such an issue during COVID19.

We jointly seek everyone's support to address this humanitarian need urgently.

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