Enhance Learning Opportunities for Rural Area Students - Paranthan, Korakkankaddu, Kudiyiruppu and Murasumoddai - 2019/2020


Project Submission Sheet

Project title: Enhance Learning Opportunities for Rural Area Students.

Sector: Community Development.
District: Kilinochchi
DS Divisions: Kandawalai.
GN/Villages: Paranthan, Korakkankaddu, Kudiyiruppu, And Murasumoddai.
Total Budget: LKR 3611040
Beneficiary Type: Direct Beneficiaries 28 Students in Ki/St Antony’s Roman Catholic Vidyalayam, Indirect Beneficiaries 248 Students and 225 Families in Kudiyiruppu Village.

Beneficiary Details: 28 Students Sitting for the 5th Grade Scholarship Exam.
Period: September 2018 to August 2020
Implementation Agency : National Association for Humanitarian Rehabilitation Operations (NAHRO)
Address: No 01, First farm, Kanagapuram, Kilinochchi.
Contact : 0212283659

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